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 Release History / News Tidbits

JAN 21, 2002

  • Release 0.9.8 is out!
  • Add support for Sequential File Save.
  • Add preference for changing toolbar between Text&Icon, TextOnly, & IconOnly.
  • Change "Network Interface" button to "Show Active Connections" - brought about by lack of `ifconfig` access to non-root users in Redhat 7.2 (thanks Joseph Harnish).
  • Provide error dialog feedback for Save/Save As operations when saving nothing or using Save As with no filename given.
  • Provide error dialog feedback for Print operation when printing nothing.
  • Clean up "General" tab in preferences dialog.
  • Bug Fix: grep string is garbage if "ps -efH" preference not choosen.
  • Bug Fix: change "configure" to "./configure" in gwcc-[ver].spec file. Used when building the app from the gwcc-src.rpm file (thanks Najib Ninaba)

DEC 03, 2001

  • Release 0.9.7 is out!
  • Add i18n international language support.
  • Capture stderr messages for all commands in Network Utils Tab.
  • Add `dig` command to Network Utils Tab.
  • Add flag for `grep -i` in Preferences Dialog (long overdue case insensitive grepping).
  • Change "Display Users" button on Workstation Utils Tab to "Display User Stats" and use `w` instead of `users`.
  • Preferences Dialog: Fix Network Utils Tab GtkSpinButton widgets to not allow decimal values in spinbuttons, and fix bad text alignments in `nslookup` option box.
  • Fix Network Utils Pref Tab to not allow decimal values in spin buttons, and fix text alignments in `nslookup` Options.

OCT 29, 2001

i survived this long?!

On October 29, 2001 GWCC officially turned 1 year old!
(Woo wee, the heat off of that one candle is *intense*!)

Thanks to each of you who helped contribute to nearly 10,000 downloads!

OCT 04, 2001

  • Finally updated the What's New? page after somewhat of a haitus - go here to see the current changelog and get the very latest copy of GWCC fresh off the compiler!
  • I've been getting some good suggestions and feedback from our user community lately - thanks for all of your comments and encouragement!

    Please keep them coming: sfbrent(at)

SEP 11, 2001

The United States will always stand as a symbol of Freedom and Individual Rights,
despite the actions of a few misguided murders of innocent men, women, and children.

God Bless America

More Ribbon Designs & Credits Red Cross

SEP 10, 2001

  • GWCC has been added to the software map. See the obligatory screencap here.

AUG 28, 2001

  • Release 0.9.6 is out!
  • Squashed 0.9.5 bug that kept toolbar buttons from reactivating when switching from Sys Stats Tab to Network or Grep Tabs.
  • Improved user interface in Process Control Tab (show proc id selected, cleanup widgets).
  • Added the`host` command to the Network Utils Tab.
  • Added flags to Prefs Dialog for `host` command (-v).
  • Changed gtk_label "ps | grep" on Grep Tab to match actual prefs settings!
  • Disabled OK button and right-click popup menu when INIT selected in Process Control Tab.
  • Added Progress Bar for Stopped Processes on System Stats Tab (long overdue!).
  • Added greyed out text for Apache, Samba, and Sendmail status if "Not Running".

JUL 12, 2001

  • GWCC was featured on the front page of on July 12 & July 13 (Big thanks to Stu for the heads-up!). See the obligatory screencap here.

JUL 20, 2001

  • Release 0.9.5 is out!
  • New completely redesigned System Stats Tab!
  • New standard GNOME File Selection Dialog for "Save As..."
  • New standard GNOME Font Selection widget in the Preferences Dialog!
  • New GnomeEntry for network textbox so it remembers input (IP's, hostnames, etc.)
  • Pressing <return> in the Networks Tab entry widget executes command.
  • Enabled right-click to send signals in Process Control CList via popup menu.
  • Buttons that will not work on given tabs are now disabled.
  • Dividers in Tabs are now 79 chars long (looks better with fixed font, and saved output).
  • Change Mem Used (kb) column in Process Tab CList to %MEM (like `top` uses)
  • Squashed a bug in Ping command where flags were not being used correctly.

JUN 13, 2001

  • GWCC was featured in the Free Application Showcase in the July issue of Linux Magazine! (Japanese)
  • See the pictures here, here, here, and here. Thanks guys!!!

MAY 11, 2001

  • Created a "What's New?" page - go here to get the very latest copy of GWCC!

MAY 02, 2001

  • Release 0.9.4 is out!
  • Added a brand new tab - Process Control. Basically a top-like CList widget showing all system processes complete with a button to send common signals to processes!
  • Added two new items to System Stats Tab: Hardware Info (machine type, cpu, MHz) and Kernel Info (kernel version).
  • Added sorting capabilities to Users CList widget in System Stats Tab.
  • Removed extraneous spaces from "User" column in Users CList.
  • More RPM fixes: (GWCC shortcut now in Apps/System menu with an icon, all new program description text, added more info to the RPM itself including URL, vendor, & distribution).
  • A good amount of code cleanup, plus a new utils.c file to house non-GUI functions.
  • Note to Red Hat 7.1 users: the gwcc-0.9.4-1.i386.rpm works fine on RH7.1 (yeah!).

MAR 12, 2001

  • Release 0.9.3 is out!
  • Changed Users Textbox to a CList widget in System Stats Tab, making this info much more usable for people with a large amount of users on their systems.
  • Squashed bug in Network Utils tab (commands other than those in the pulldown menu were garbled) - thanks Javier!
  • Corrected RPMs to install GWCC application into /usr/bin where it belongs.
  • RPM installed version has correct icon now (and with fix above is included in most users $PATH making the menu shortcut actually function correctly).
  • Added a native French version (*fr.tar.gz) - thanks for the hard work Eric!
  • Some small bug fixes.

FEB 12, 2001

  • Release 0.9.2 is out!
  • Added a time-out to network commands.
  • IP Address is back again in all its glory!
  • All preferences/commands (including netstat) work now.
  • Many small bug fixes.

 JAN 11, 2001

  • Release 0.9.1 is out!
  • Fix for prefs directory bug that caused problems for some users.
  • Small fixes here and there.

 DEC 31, 2000

  • Release 0.9.0 is out!
  • Preferences (aside from netstat) are all working now (whew!).
  • Timestamps for both screen and file output work fine.
  • Improved dialogs (Errors and Warnings) and other small improvements.

 DEC 15, 2000

  • Release 0.8.5 is out!
  • Complete System Stats tab.
  • All Features are complete, aside from the preferences dialog. (Recent builds support some prefs, so you should have a fully functional prefs dialog in 0.9!)

 DEC 03, 2000

  • Release 0.8 is out!
  • Yet another good release this time around.
  • Full support for: Save, Save As, and Print.
  • Only two features remain unfinished: Preferences and the New Window command.

 NOV 25, 2000

  • Release 0.7 is out!
  • Progress continues on all fronts with a very functional release this time around.
  • All main functions and buttons work to spec, and some cool system stats (memory info, process info, etc) are now displayed.

 NOV 15, 2000

  • Release 0.6 is out!
  • Well, the sourceforge project page has been up for over two weeks now, so it was high time to put out some Screen Caps for everyone to see.
  • Website obviously needs help, but i'm too busy working on the program right now.. :-) The holidays coming up will probably be a fertile web design time.

 NOV 10, 2000

  • Release 0.5 is out!
  • Partial support for network and process grep functions.

 OCT 29, 2000

  • Project moved to Sourceforge.

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