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All the News Thats Fit to Print (or How to cosume spare bandwidth) !

So, you're saying to yourself, "I wonder what Brent is cooking up for us in the next release?"
(Thats 0.9.9 for those who neglected to attend class)
Items remaining to be done for future releases:
  • Pressing <RETURN> in the Process Grep Tab executes command.
  • Use GnomeEntry for Grep textbox so it remembers input.
  • Add status bar/progress meter to bottom of main window.
  • Printing (and/or copying?) of data in Process Control and/or System Stats Tabs (???).
  • System Stats Tab takes too long to refresh due to popen - need to use fopen if possible.
  • Add column for %CPU in Process CList (code commented out for now - its s-l-o-w).
  • Add network load stats (new tab?) - libgtop has a nice netload function.
  • Strip '(' ')' characters from proc names in Process Control Tab CList.
  • Add true threading to network operations.
  • Calculation of uptime based on numeric data in /proc/uptime (aka: finally include months in Uptime display).

Items already finished for 0.9.9: (get the latest tarball below and they're all yours)

  • ???

Get the latest GWCC tarball here.

Page Last Updated: 01.21.2002

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